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At here, We allow users for Sponsor Guest Posting. There are Plenty of blogs are going live every day. You can also see the millions of search results on Google or Bing. Just Because of that, we have provided the Support of Sponsor Guest Posting. In this competitive world, It's really hard to do SEO and SMO of Your Blog or Website. We understand the problem of every Professional blogger, how it's really hard to do Online/Digital Marketing of any Website or Blog. We faced that same Problem too.

Every Blogger knows that Blogging nowadays is really tough. Because there are thousands of things you've to maintain in SEO and SMO. Like; Keyword Research, Quality Content Writing, Digital Marketing(SEO, SMO, SMM), Guest Blogging, Backlinking, One-Page SEO, On page SEO, Off-Page SEO, etc.

That's why we figured out that why every entrepreneur and beginners have to do so much struggle at first...? Even this is not the end, From the 80% out of the 100% results not get good as they expected. They just Give up doing that stuff...

What should we Do?

We help them up with us by allowing sponsor guest posting on our blog. Building A Reputation of a Blog is necessary for every blogger. The Main purpose of doing guest post in every blog is to drive more and more traffic on your website. By this, You saying to the Google, "We are friends".

Take Care of Valuable things

We hate the duplication of content, not only Loootz but Google too hates so much. Duplicate content will hurt your Website Ranking, Your blog may seem to the sudden drop in organic traffic.

Google Updates its Algorithms Every Time, not just Every Day. Just Because of that Google Penalize thousand of Blogs and Websites EVERYDAY...

What should you have to Do?

Nothing, You didn't need to do anything. When you submit Sponsor Guest Post in our blog we will do all the things on that article. There are so many blogs are online, they too provide guest posting. You will face three main things in those blogs.
  1. The blogs which have a Brand Name
  2. The blogs which are getting too many traffic from any sources.
  3. The blogs which are balanced(Google Friendly).

The blogs which have a Brand Name

The Blogs which have a Brand Name is the very famous and very popular blogs among the internet surfers. You can see many articles from those blogs which rankings are very high... But They are either Demand More money on their blogs or Demands a very high quality content which lengths of the words must around 1500 - 2000 words.

At the First, Many of us think, "It's So Easy... I can do it within a couple of minutes". No, you cannot... Why? Because They have a BRAND Name and Do you think You are the only one who writes a guest posting for them? Those blogs run only with the quality of content, not just quantity of content.

These blogs receive hundreds of thousands traffic. It's not really easy to get approved in a short of time. In short, It's not possible at a beginner level. You have to write down many articles with the taken care of ranking factors.

The blogs which are getting huge traffic from any sources.

At here, I don't think it's really good for every blogger. Why? We don't know the traffic that they are getting are actually organic or paid. Paid traffic means GOOGLE will PENALIZE your blog. Google doesn't like those blogs which are actually getting paid or only have referral traffic. It's one kind of punishment from Google. You cannot fool google. There are hundreds of Algorithms are running on Google's Server.

Those blogs are welcomes every guest post. Just because they DO NOT CARE about quality content or any SEO Factor. We NEVER ever recommend going with this thing.

The blogs which are balanced(Google Friendly)

These blogs are one of the greatest steps for guest posting. They neither actually getting very high traffic nor they are paying bucks for huge traffic. Google check every move that which type of blogs that link to the other blog. If it's Google Friendly Blog then you have found a right place and if not then just Get out...

Loootz is of them. Why? We only focus on quality, not quantity. At here, our content writer takes care every thing not just writing an Article but As I told you before, every blogger must have to take care of SEO.

How to Guest Post in this Blog

Terms and Conditions

  • We don't allow any Duplicate content. We double check every article whichever you want to publish at here.
  • Images are allowed only 1 to be uploaded at here.
  • SPAMMING or FREE Marketing is not allowed and that article will be Blacklisted.
  • The Backlink of the Blog is allowed to Only One.
  • The Article Must be Fits on our blog's niche/subject.
  • We do not provide this for FREE but yes, it's really very affordable for every blogger.

Price of Guest Posting

No. of Articles



Rs 250 or $4


Rs 480 or $7.5


Rs 720 or $11


Rs 900 or $14

5 or 5+

Conact us at [email protected]


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